What is Interview Appropriate Makeup Application?

Are you preparing for an upcoming interview for your dream job? Perhaps you already have your dream job thanks to the help of OneinaMil? Here at OIAM, we are always hearing during an interview prep, "how much is too much makeup for an interview?" So, we set out to find out the facts for our candidates who struggle with this balance. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Jaclyn Luongo to find out the top tips on applying your "interview appropriate" makeup. Jaclyn Luongo is a licensed esthetician, make-up artist, esthetics instructor, beauty blogger and business consultant with over 18 years of experience who truly knows her shit.

Here are some simple tips from Jaclyn that will help you look your best during your upcoming interview and oh ...and every day!

The first piece of advice for our job hunters is to start understanding what optimal skin health means to you. When you live a healthy lifestyle, your skin will radiate when you walk into a room (that may be filled with interviewers)! But if you are not leading a healthy lifestyle, it is never too late to begin. The best way to quickly improve your skin is to start pounding water, my friend! Keep track of how many ounces you are drinking and set goals for yourself each week. Reward yourself at the end of each successful week by getting a cocktail with a close friend! (There's water in vodka, right?) Drinking lots of water has been clinically proven to boost the suppleness, clarity, and brightness in your skin. You'll turn heads and maybe even get carded next happy hour?!

Another great way to begin optimizing your dermal health is by creating a morning and evening skincare routine that will support your new lifestyle. It may seem like a tedious process at first but it will become second nature to clean, moisturize and apply eye cream to your skin. As a job seeker, you may not have a steady flow of income but don't get bummed out about neglecting your own health because of the price of some skincare products. Cetaphil is an affordable and soft skin cleanser that will work for both dry, oily or combination skin and you can get it at your local CVS for under $10. Additionally, I also encourage you to get monthly facial treatments or peels that will help revitalize your skin (Groupon offers great coupons for you bargain hunters). When your skin looks clean and youthful, you typically will feel even more comfortable and confident in your skin. When you feel more confident, you can easily express your value to a potential employer. These aren't the only perks ladies! When your skin is blemish-free and supple, you probably won't pound on the foundation and look like a birthday cake! You will be able to show off your natural beauty for your interview and that means less time spent getting ready aka more time to review your interview questions.

Regardless of what role you are interviewing for, feeling and looking your best is key to dominating the interview. However, don't let a silly pimple or wrinkle ruin your confidence, you are only human and your inner confidence shines brightest!


Speaking of pimples, another helpful catch in getting this whole makeup thing down is understanding that spending more money may be worth it in the long run. For example, most drugstore products are not considered "clean" lines. Spending a little extra money will allow your skin to breathe (as it should!). You may also find that if you invest in a more expensive brand, you will get better results and won't have to wear as much makeup! Quality over quantity! One makeup line that offers affordable but sustainable products is ‘Jane Iredale’. Their whole mission is to provide pure mineral makeup for people who may be environmentally conscious of their consumerism. They don't test on animals and their ingredients are meant to provide you with a natural, clean feel. ‘Jane Iredale’ introduced a powder foundation that works for all skin types and creates a flawless finish! Although their products cannot be found in drugstores or beauty retailers, they are located across the nation in various spas. If you visit their website, you can use their product location tab to start exploring your new makeup journey! https://janeiredale.com/

As a make-up artist for the past 18 years, I strongly believe there are only a few rules to follow when applying make-up. People tend to make it much more complicated than it needs to be (work smarter, not harder).

I would suggest a few professional beauty secrets that cut your “getting-ready-time” in half. The newest offering in the beauty industry is called micro-blading.  This service is a semi-permanent tattooed hair stroke that enhances your brows; no more mascara or brow pencil needed! Be sure to see a professional for this one, but go the extra mile to shine.

Another one of my recommendations would be to always blend, especially focusing on your face to your neckline. Going into an interview with and a tan face and a white neck isn't really in. The second suggestion would be to wear what you feel comfortable in because comfort equals confidence! You want to be confident from your underwear to your foundation! We all have strong points and we want to emphasize these features to our best ability. It is important to remember that the most current makeup trend may not be the most flattering for you so don't try to mimic the make-up artist you saw on Youtube. Keep it classic to enhance your unique features because that is what makes you, YOU!

If you have blue or green eyes, your eyes are going to pop with shades of brown, whereas if you have brown eyes, you're going to stand out in hues of green! Don't always presume that you have to match your eyeshadow color to your eye color (those days are long gone!). Lastly, natural does not always mean brown and taupe colors as usually advertised on the shelves. A pop of color on the eyes, cheeks or lips will polish your look and cater to your beauty needs. Researchers have actually conducted studies that encourage women to wear a bright lip or color pop to an interview because it focuses people's attention to what you are saying.

If you have a cooler skin tone, you're going to want to find a red lip with a blue base tone, whereas if you have a warmer skin tone, you're going to look amazing in a red lip with a pink/orange base tone. Everyone has their "right red", so don't be afraid to explore what colors may make you stand out in an interview. If you don't end up liking your new look, a makeup wipe never hurt anyone! Pro tip: please, please check your teeth in the mirror if you have to have on your 'Jane Iredale', "Just Kissed" Lip and Cheek Stain. Don't be that woman or that man.


As for me, my go-to look is what I would call a traditionalist approach. I love to wear a sharp black defined lid with full lashes, a cheek highlight, and a bright lip! For my skin, I prefer to wear a BB cream and mineral powder to achieve a polished look for an interview. To seal the deal, indulge in a $15 manicure with a nude color to match whatever outfit you pick on your big day! When you look good, you feel good! Use the natural sunlight in your car to take a selfie of your face to be sure everything looks smooth and even. Send a snap to your friends and get their approval so you have a support system rooting you on!

Keep Shining Bright,

Jaclyn Luongo


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Dress for Success as a New Grad!

So….  you secured a full-time offer after working hard for the last four years (or maybe you took the five-year plan?) No judgment here. You stayed up countless nights in the library trying to memorize your flash cards while you drowned in coffee and regrets of binge watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for the three months prior. Your best friend throughout these years were your yoga pants, concealer, and dry shampoo to mask the fact that you woke up at 8:45 a.m. for a 9 a.m. lecture. #fakeittillyoumakeit

You’re looking through your new employer’s handbook and find out that you’re required to wear business casual for the next 40 years of your life (or at least Monday through Friday). You can either begin to panic or look at the bright side of things. Now you have a pliable excuse to shop without feeling like you need to freeze your credit card in a block of ice! Even better, you can post a professional Instagram photo to remind your followers that you bring more to the table than doing keg stands at Theta Chi’s day drink.

When I first began my professional career, I stuck to a more classic look. I went out to the mall and bought your typical pantsuit but I realized that it didn’t “tickle my fancy”. I wanted to add my own style to ‘business casual’ and so I did (also another great excuse to go shopping again). I thought I’d help out my fellow millennials by posting some pictures of my own twist starring my new Fall wardrobe! Unlike many other fashion blogs, this one you can actually afford. I’m somewhat frugal but I like to look kick ass! Trust me, no one will know if your top is from a department store and who really cares anyway?! The whole point is to look polished and to feel good in your own skin! Also, you just graduated! Go easy on yourself!

This style is my go-to for Fall because it is simple, professional and best of all, comfy! I found this burgundy sweater at Marshall’s for *drum roll* $14 dollars! Paired with black skinny slacks from Old Navy for under $30 dollars! If you’re a total shoe guru like me, I found those nude heels at Marshall's for $20 and they only hurt after a few hours, haha!


The second outfit is a beige top with the coziest scarf and suede nude heels! The top can be layered with a jean jacket or your favorite cardigan! The scarf doubles as a blanket to take a nap in during lunch and most importantly, it hides any double chin you may gain from too many of those pumpkin spice lattes (it happens). The shirt I found at Marshalls for $12 dollars and the shoes were a little pricier at $44 dollars! Work your magic and get creative!


You can save the third look for a meeting with your boss or a client because it definitely screams “lady boss”! This pink suit jacket was under $29 at Marshalls and the polka dot top was found at New York & Company on sale for $15! Pair this outfit with your favorite heels or flats and you’re ready to go!


My final piece of advice is to check the mirror after applying lipstick this Fall because I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into work and been told: “Hey Maddie, you have a little something-something on your teeth.” Cheers to a kick-ass Fall and looking fancy all year round!

Your Prospering Recent Grad,






My final piece of advice is to check the mirror after applying lipstick this Fall because I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into work and been told: “Hey Maddie, you have a little something-something on your teeth.” Cheers to a kick-ass Fall and looking fancy all year round!

Your Prospering Recent Grad,




The Introvert’s Interview Playbook


All other things being equal, a chatty person outperforms the quiet colleague in the interview. That's because the interviewer is more likely to value volume of words spoken confidently over what is actually said. Just like in most corporate work environments.

Everyone is distracted. It's your job to deal with that and this is how you do it.

Keep in mind the buying process, and hiring is a derivative of buying, is driven by emotions, justified by logic. The fact that you're up for the interview means the logical part is taken care of in that you have the required skills to ace this position. The interview is about culture fit.

The good news is the more introverted professional has the advantage of preparing for the interview, rather than speaking their thoughts aloud, aka "winging it." Introverts by definition are not shy, it's that they find social engagement tiring and need downtime to recharge their batteries. Thinking on their feet is not a typical introvert's strong point.

Your key advantage is intelligent preparation. That’s why introverts often make stellar public speakers: they’re much less likely to just get up there and ramble on.

To make the most of your interview prep, here are 4 angles to research to specifically prepare so that you to shine during these oh-so-awkward conversations known as "job interviews."

Four specific topics to research before the interview:

1.      Obviously, you want to have a good grasp of the company’s strengths and strategy. You want to figure how where you can plug into the organization and add value. Spend time on their website but also see what other people have to say about the company on social media outlets. Be able to connect the dots between your work/skill set and the company's ambitions.

2.     Research three key players (use LinkedIn and the company's website.) You want to know as much as possible about the people you’ll be speaking with, including personal qualities like if they have children, pets, hobbies, travel experience. See if they have a personal blog. Look for anything written by the people who interest you and reference that. That sharply targeted research will have them drooling over you. Make sure you explicitly connect dots between their interests and accomplishments and your own. What you think should be obvious is probably not.

3.     Prepare three anecdotes that illustrate your strengths. Our negativity bias often blocks our successes from short-term memory. You might need to look at your calendar to prompt your memory of your accomplishments. (You don’t need to mention the boss who is a complete idiot.)Recall times when you found the solution or sold the winning idea or brought people around to a new way of thinking. If your career is short (because you're young or have been out of the job market) use stories from college or non-profit experience.

Stories sell. Facts do not sell.


4.      On the dreaded "tell me your weakness" question, use the "any strength taken to extreme becomes a weakness." This line of thought worked for Plato so it's proven over 2,500 years ago. The interviewer is looking for how you answer the question in terms of staying relaxed, there is no correct answer to this.

As far as the creative questions like "what animal would you be" just have fun with it or go with the flow. Again, there is no right answer. Feel free to say you'd be a zebra, even when deep down you think the question is ridiculous. Clearly, you would be the lion.

Write down key phrases to your research on an index card and put it in your pocket. If you have a brain freeze, pull out your card. Showing that you prepared to this extent shows commitment and quality. I know a professor, a skilled conversationalist, who is thought to be the life of the dinner party. Wherever he dines he brings his prepared topics with him.

Finally, prepare yourself by wearing quality, comfortable clothes, make sure you're hydrated and not suffering from low blood sugar. Light exercise like walking around the block helps channel any nervous energy.

It's show time and you're ready!

About the Author:

Laura Mixon Camacho, MBA, PhD, PMP. founded Mixonian Institute in 2009 to offer help technical professionals and executives have more impact and influence at work. Through her charisma, persuasion expertise, creative research and sense of humor, she is shaking up the traditional approach to communication training and coaching.

Her career highlights include facilitating The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for the Stephen Covey Group in Caracas (in Spanish,) being editor of the bilingual management newsletter, Management Perspective and a business writer for Business Venezuela, the publication of the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce.

She has a PhD in Communication Studies, specializing in persuasion and an MBA. For 10 years she taught various leadership communication and public speaking classes at East Carolina University and College of Charleston. She is an active board member of Charleston International Music School, a member of Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston and Charleston Digital Corridor.

Clients of Mixonian Institute include Benefitfocus, Charleston County, Comcast, Mayne Pharma USA, Medtronic, SCRA and employees of Boeing, Robert Bosch, MUSC, SAIC, Lever and Sherman Capital, among others. Visit Mixonian Institute at www.mixonian.com or email laura@mixonian.com.