Beyond The Code: Top 5 Non-Development Roles The Tech Industry Demands

“Software? Not for me. I don’t do development.” If I had a dime for every time I heard this I would have taken up residence in a Tahitian spa by now.

A common misconception about the software space, both internal and external, is that you have to code in order to be valuable. Pull up a chair and pay attention, because we’re going to nip this nonsensical notion in the butt with 5 non-development roles in high demand among the tech industry today!

Front Desk/Greeter

I can already feel your raised eyebrow, but hear me out. A “front desk” personality is often the first human impression prospective clients and partners will see to represent your organization. Whether in person, by phone or digitally, think of this position as the front line who sets the tone for the rest of an interaction with your business. This is the first person your interviewees will see when they come on-site.

Being a Greeter demands someone who is tech-savvy enough to keep up with your team, while also conveying a genuine, likable experience that will leave your clients feeling confident that they’re in good hands. Never underestimate the value of a first impression.

Customer Success Manager

Customer success management might be a new ‘buzz word” but is truly another critical role beyond the code. These positions demand fierce emotional intelligence and efficiency from resources who understand the intricacies of your clients’ needs. They are tireless advocates for your clients, and, here’s the important part, your clients believe it.



Your sales team may secure new business, but it’s up to your Customer Success Managers to maintain and grow it in what is often a marathon, not a sprint.

Product Manager

Not to be confused with technical product management. Stay with me. Both your product management and technical product management will be tasked with strategy, ideation, road mapping, new feature development and go-to-market plans.

The main difference – a Product Manager will come at these missions with more of a business and client-facing approach; whereas, your Technical Product Manager will bring more of an engineering and product function focus to the table. More so, your Product Manager should take on the herding of your non-technical teams (sales, marketing, customer success) so your Technical Product Manager can rally the development troops. You need both perspectives to be successful – think of it as the left and right brain working together.


Marketing Manager

The tech industry is like the modern day wild west – it’s fast, fiercely competitive and the rules are still being written. These characteristics make stellar marketing talent critical for company success. I’m not just talking about lead generation; although I fully appreciate filling the pipeline a big deal. I’m talking about Marketing Managers who can create a brand that is authentic, sticky and cuts through the noise.

These diamonds in the rough will not only fill the funnel, but will also leverage employer branding to position your company as THE cool kids club capable of attracting key tech resources from across the country, which gives me a nice segue into my final invaluable non-dev role…



Headhunting is out, talent cultivation is in. There is a revolution on the recruiting front, and it’s a good train to jump on. There is a selective batch of recruiters out there who are groomed to function as internal talent cultivation assets for your company. Instead of slinging keyword matches into seats, this cream of the crop builds your team from a solid foundation of complete culture and capability fits.

Beyond simply finding your unicorns, these recruiters will ensure your onboarding process is smooth as butter because they know that is the pivotal difference between finding and keeping your purple squirrels.

Interested in learning more about essential non-developer roles and how they can make a world of difference for your tech company? Or are you a talented individual who thinks transitioning to the tech space may just be for you after all? Check us out at or email us at!


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Eat Your Energy!


With the holidays right around the corner, it can be tough to find that last burst of energy within our work day as our minds are probably already set on how we’re going to mentally deal with our outlaws or how you’re going to feed your newly gluten-free, vegan, and lactose intolerant fit grandma.

Thankfully, there are painless ways to combat this mental block and there is no better way to find your fuel than with FOOD! As women, we know that work never ends at 5 p.m. but there are various power foods that can help provide us with lasting energy so that we don’t completely lose our minds during these stressful but fun-filled times.

When we have a list a million miles long, it can be tough to eat healthy and half the time our car becomes our dining room table. With a little preparation and the right attitude, there are easy ways to fuel our bodies for the work week ahead! Starting the day with a smoothie full of greens and protein will help kick our metabolisms into gear. (stuffing and cookies are around the corner, so it’s time to get those metabolisms ready, ladies!) If you’re a coffee addict, consider cutting back and beginning your day with a simple but tasty smoothie. Here’s our favorite recipe for a day's worth of positive energy! (Ok, maybe you need a midday nap, but still, try it out!) Throw it all in a blender and once you’re done, then you can stop for your caffeine IV drip!




1 banana

½ cup of unsweetened almond milk

3 pinches of cinnamon (or however much you’d like)

Get creative!


chia .jpg



2 spoonfuls of chia seed

2 spoonfuls of flax seed

1 handful of spinach or kale

Another great way to fuel ourselves with energy is by snacking throughout the workday to provide ourselves with the proper nutrients our body naturally craves. Our favorite healthy snack to bring to work is a coconut chia pudding! Chia seeds provide our body with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, protein and calcium to take on the day (even Mondays). This recipe does call for you to let it chill in the fridge overnight, so maybe make a batch on Sunday’s and simply ‘grab and go’ throughout the week! Mix all of these ingredients together and let it sit in the fridge for your enjoyment.

½ Cup of Chia Seeds

2 cups of Coconut Almond Milk

½ teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

A pinch of cinnamon

Add Bailey’s if you are feeling frisky!


Lastly, combining these healthy eating habits into your life will contribute to your overall attitude even outside of the workplace. The holidays are a time to enjoy family and friends and to be thankful for all of your blessings, including the ability to change your habits! Not to mention, the new year is approaching and getting a head start will provide you with the energy to power through and start 2018 as the best possible YOU!

Eat Your Energy,

Your Friends @ OIAM


What is Interview Appropriate Makeup Application?

Are you preparing for an upcoming interview for your dream job? Perhaps you already have your dream job thanks to the help of OneinaMil? Here at OIAM, we are always hearing during an interview prep, "how much is too much makeup for an interview?" So, we set out to find out the facts for our candidates who struggle with this balance. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Jaclyn Luongo to find out the top tips on applying your "interview appropriate" makeup. Jaclyn Luongo is a licensed esthetician, make-up artist, esthetics instructor, beauty blogger and business consultant with over 18 years of experience who truly knows her shit.

Here are some simple tips from Jaclyn that will help you look your best during your upcoming interview and oh ...and every day!

The first piece of advice for our job hunters is to start understanding what optimal skin health means to you. When you live a healthy lifestyle, your skin will radiate when you walk into a room (that may be filled with interviewers)! But if you are not leading a healthy lifestyle, it is never too late to begin. The best way to quickly improve your skin is to start pounding water, my friend! Keep track of how many ounces you are drinking and set goals for yourself each week. Reward yourself at the end of each successful week by getting a cocktail with a close friend! (There's water in vodka, right?) Drinking lots of water has been clinically proven to boost the suppleness, clarity, and brightness in your skin. You'll turn heads and maybe even get carded next happy hour?!

Another great way to begin optimizing your dermal health is by creating a morning and evening skincare routine that will support your new lifestyle. It may seem like a tedious process at first but it will become second nature to clean, moisturize and apply eye cream to your skin. As a job seeker, you may not have a steady flow of income but don't get bummed out about neglecting your own health because of the price of some skincare products. Cetaphil is an affordable and soft skin cleanser that will work for both dry, oily or combination skin and you can get it at your local CVS for under $10. Additionally, I also encourage you to get monthly facial treatments or peels that will help revitalize your skin (Groupon offers great coupons for you bargain hunters). When your skin looks clean and youthful, you typically will feel even more comfortable and confident in your skin. When you feel more confident, you can easily express your value to a potential employer. These aren't the only perks ladies! When your skin is blemish-free and supple, you probably won't pound on the foundation and look like a birthday cake! You will be able to show off your natural beauty for your interview and that means less time spent getting ready aka more time to review your interview questions.

Regardless of what role you are interviewing for, feeling and looking your best is key to dominating the interview. However, don't let a silly pimple or wrinkle ruin your confidence, you are only human and your inner confidence shines brightest!


Speaking of pimples, another helpful catch in getting this whole makeup thing down is understanding that spending more money may be worth it in the long run. For example, most drugstore products are not considered "clean" lines. Spending a little extra money will allow your skin to breathe (as it should!). You may also find that if you invest in a more expensive brand, you will get better results and won't have to wear as much makeup! Quality over quantity! One makeup line that offers affordable but sustainable products is ‘Jane Iredale’. Their whole mission is to provide pure mineral makeup for people who may be environmentally conscious of their consumerism. They don't test on animals and their ingredients are meant to provide you with a natural, clean feel. ‘Jane Iredale’ introduced a powder foundation that works for all skin types and creates a flawless finish! Although their products cannot be found in drugstores or beauty retailers, they are located across the nation in various spas. If you visit their website, you can use their product location tab to start exploring your new makeup journey!

As a make-up artist for the past 18 years, I strongly believe there are only a few rules to follow when applying make-up. People tend to make it much more complicated than it needs to be (work smarter, not harder).

I would suggest a few professional beauty secrets that cut your “getting-ready-time” in half. The newest offering in the beauty industry is called micro-blading.  This service is a semi-permanent tattooed hair stroke that enhances your brows; no more mascara or brow pencil needed! Be sure to see a professional for this one, but go the extra mile to shine.

Another one of my recommendations would be to always blend, especially focusing on your face to your neckline. Going into an interview with and a tan face and a white neck isn't really in. The second suggestion would be to wear what you feel comfortable in because comfort equals confidence! You want to be confident from your underwear to your foundation! We all have strong points and we want to emphasize these features to our best ability. It is important to remember that the most current makeup trend may not be the most flattering for you so don't try to mimic the make-up artist you saw on Youtube. Keep it classic to enhance your unique features because that is what makes you, YOU!

If you have blue or green eyes, your eyes are going to pop with shades of brown, whereas if you have brown eyes, you're going to stand out in hues of green! Don't always presume that you have to match your eyeshadow color to your eye color (those days are long gone!). Lastly, natural does not always mean brown and taupe colors as usually advertised on the shelves. A pop of color on the eyes, cheeks or lips will polish your look and cater to your beauty needs. Researchers have actually conducted studies that encourage women to wear a bright lip or color pop to an interview because it focuses people's attention to what you are saying.

If you have a cooler skin tone, you're going to want to find a red lip with a blue base tone, whereas if you have a warmer skin tone, you're going to look amazing in a red lip with a pink/orange base tone. Everyone has their "right red", so don't be afraid to explore what colors may make you stand out in an interview. If you don't end up liking your new look, a makeup wipe never hurt anyone! Pro tip: please, please check your teeth in the mirror if you have to have on your 'Jane Iredale', "Just Kissed" Lip and Cheek Stain. Don't be that woman or that man.


As for me, my go-to look is what I would call a traditionalist approach. I love to wear a sharp black defined lid with full lashes, a cheek highlight, and a bright lip! For my skin, I prefer to wear a BB cream and mineral powder to achieve a polished look for an interview. To seal the deal, indulge in a $15 manicure with a nude color to match whatever outfit you pick on your big day! When you look good, you feel good! Use the natural sunlight in your car to take a selfie of your face to be sure everything looks smooth and even. Send a snap to your friends and get their approval so you have a support system rooting you on!

Keep Shining Bright,

Jaclyn Luongo


Jaclyn Luongo Headshot 2016 (1).jpg