Lee-Anne Edwards   Founder

Lee-Anne Edwards



"LA" is a Talent Matchmaker who owns the C-level and technical talent acquisition market. She is fiercely driven, with a passion for sourcing only the very best talent. Her winning strategy is hiring on culture first, aptitude second, and resume third. She is a thought leader with a background specializing in crafting software development teams from the ground up. She is originally from Beantown and loves a nice, cold Sam Adams. She is passionate about running, dangerous skiing and loves hockey. If you can't find her on the boat you will find her helping to grow the tech scene in Charleston and across the globe. 

Madison Loomis

Technical Recruitment Manager

 Blaine West   Recruitment Operations Manager

Blaine West

Recruitment Operations Manager



As our Technical Recruitment Manager, Madison is 150% dedicated to keeping the human connection within talent acquisition. Although she holds her B.S. in Health Sciences and Spanish, Maddie dove head first into the recruitment world in 2016 and found her passion towards helping others. She has previously been a leader in growing a non-profit healthcare organization to nearly 500+ and values staying transparent throughout all of her work. Originally from a small beach town in Rhode Island, Maddie loves being near the water, live music and chasing an epic sunset. If she isn't trying to babysit other people's dogs, she is networking within the technical industry to learn more about the market in Charleston and beyond!




Blaine is our Recruitment Operations Manager, who is completely committed to making the talent acquisition process an enjoyable as well as positive one for both candidates and clients. Shortly after graduating from The Citadel with a business degree, she started technical recruiting with a local start-up in Charleston. She has spent the past few years working at Freedom church and having a couple of really cute kids, but is ecstatic about getting back into the tech scene! Originally from Atlanta, she loves to play volleyball, horseback ride, and spend time with her family. When she isn't enjoying the outdoors, you can find her managing our social media channels!