Eliminate The Talent War: Ludify Media Sits Down With LA Edwards For The Real Story Behind OIAM & Opportunities Ahead

A little biased, but I think this clip gives an awesome, simple understanding of what we do and our why. OIAM is SO delightfully different from your basic recruiting shop. In fact, there is no comparison because we are not after the same end goal. 

The OIAM Toolbox - Sexy Tech Solutions That Help Us Slay All Day

One thing the team and I love at OIAM is technology. Actually, obsession is a better word.

We are obsessed with technology. It is one of the main ingredients to our secret sauce. Why? Many reasons, I’ll narrow it down to the top two: one, tech makes us super efficient and, two, it makes life easier as we work from the beach, mountains or air. No cubes for us folks - we will remain free and on the road!

Hoarding good info doesn’t make sense, right? So, I am spreading the good word on our industry partners who are mission critical to getting us where we are today! 

Lessons of The Barbell

At 23 years old, I proudly wear the titles of Technical Recruiter, Cross-Fitter and Olympic Weightlifter. One is my career; the others are my passion. The lessons I’ve learned at the barbell have carried over into my career. The long hours sweating in the gym, talking myself through grueling workouts, being under the lights in competitions, and the hard-core hustle of being an athlete has proven to make me the successful recruiter I am today. Who would have known that the culmination of my athletic career and the pursuit of my dreams would teach me life lessons that I would forever hold close to my heart and apply to every aspect of my life?