Why I Manage Our Talent Matchmakers Like a Software Scrum Team by LeeAnne Scalley, CEO

Yup. You heard right. Agile, scrum, daily stand-ups, retrospectives = execution even outside of a software development scrum team. I started out as a recruiter like any other. I remember being stuck behind a desk ten hours a day sitting across from my peers as if we were set up for a Kindergarten class. I could hear every conversation they were having, they could hear mine, yet I felt like I was on an island alone. It was every man for himself. Who could be the fastest, who could fill up their call sheet with the most candidates. Every morning when I walked into that office a piece of my soul died. I knew when I opened my own shop one day that I would do things differently. We wouldn’t fight over candidates, commissions, spreads or any of the other BS that plagues other recruiting firms. We would do things the right way,our business would be built off of a “shared success” model. We would help find people amazing new careers, finding that “one in million” opportunity that does exist, and serve our customers only the best talent. Finally, we are living out that dream and mission and now, everyday when I walk into the office a piece of my soul smiles!

Where does running your team like a software dev team come into play? I’m about to tell you. If you don’t understand the Agile Processes, read this to get caught up. If you know anything about recruiting then you know that recruiting breeds chaos; it is fast paced, high volume, crazy scheduling, offer negotiations, on-boarding, and everything else in between. There are tons of highs and tons of lows in recruiting, you must be able to ride the highs and endure the lows while leaving your emotions at the door.  So, I have created a way to simplify the noise and I want to share this process with you in hopes that you too can benefit from an Agile Recruiting Process.

So, you have a team of recruiters, now where do you start? The first thing you do is create a killer whiteboard (more on this later). Secondly, you start incorporating daily stand-ups. Ask your team these five things every day and do it together, as a team: (If team members are missing just have them dial in, always have a dial in ready- be agile)

  1. What candidates did you submit yesterday and for what client’s/requisitions?

  2. What will be your focus today? Which requisitions, which client interactions are on your plate?

  3. Do you have any candidates starting today?

  4. Do you have any offers going out?

  5. What impediments are you facing today if any?

This must become a ritual. Why you might ask? First, it holds everyone accountable, allowing team members to manage their time better knowing they will be responsible for x and reporting on x. Second, it allows transparency. If you are the CEO and you randomly walk into your recruiting team, just looking at the whiteboard should catch you up to speed. If you stick around for a stand-up, you wouldn’t miss a beat. This method allows everyone to be in the know and be held accountable without having to be in the office 24x7, opening up opportunity for your team members to work remotely if needed while business continues to operate seamlessly. As we all know, recruiting can get busy. Stop the busy and define production. Lastly, be sure to incorporate retrospectives. These are crucial. Our team completes a retrospective every quarter. This allows you to see what your team did well, what they did not do so well, and it allows for clarity so you can pivot and make changes for next quarter. Your team should always be growing and pushing to be the best version of themselves. Your team might need new resources, or maybe they are having a hard time with candidate follow-up due to limited bandwidth, all of these things you can uncover in a retrospective. Find the problem areas and fix them, reflection is key to moving forward, but only if you act on it. Now to the whiteboard. See illustration below. Organization is key. Outline everything on your board. Make this your Bible. You will start everyday by referencing this board in your standups. You will organize your submittals, your pending offers, your start dates and everything you need will be visual for your entire team to see. (P.S. Keep this board behind closed doors for confidentiality reasons) You can make this work for your team however you want, nothing is set in stone..be agile. 

OIAM has been teaching recruiting teams of all sizes and in all industries on how to implement this system. Are you ready? Is it time for your team to produce at optimal levels? Let us know if we can help get you started on a path that will have you hiring on culture first, filling more requisitions and creating lifelong team members.

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