When good enough….isn’t

We’ve all been there. Comfortable. Getting by. Don’t rock the boat. Play it safe. That holding place in life where if you keep busy enough and don’t unpeel any layers, things appear to be working out just fine.

For some of us it’s a relationship. You know the one that you’ve invested so much time in to that it seems crazy to just walk away. For others it’s a job; and just a job. It pays the bills, you’ve learned the ins and outs of the office, the culture, the quirky personalities of your co-workers. In both cases, you’re surviving but not thriving. And is that really what we are all here to do? Merely survive?

What if we weren’t afraid of change. What if we looked the opportunity for change straight in the eye and said THANK YOU and I raise you one. What if we made a conscious choice to upgrade our life?

The glass half empty folks can keep debating with those that choose to see the glass as half full. It’s just chatter. They still only have half a glass. The real exhilarating madness in life comes when your cup overflows.

Ready for an upgrade? Oneinamil is hiring. Are you our next admin, engineer, developer, consultant or project manager ROCK STAR?