Real Recognize Real By Tim Savage


Whether you come to it as a recruiter or a candidate, interacting within the world of talent placement can at times feel fake. With that said, how do you recognize ‘real’ in recruiting?

The voice of a real recruiter is always inviting. A real recruiter is an eternal optimist and never fully knows the opportunity that is on the other side of the conversation. A candidate today is a hiring manager tomorrow and vice-versa. When two real recruiters get together, they always have an unending conversation because each person is seeing the consistent outlay of opportunity and wants to understand more.

A real recruiter recognizes another real recruiter simply by the tone of their voice. Fake or lame recruiters talk fast and are always in fear that you will figure out that they don’t know what they are talking about. This is shown by only contacting someone when they need something from them, being defensive when challenged on a direction or idea, and consistently setting off your “spidey sense” (that something is wrong here) every time you talk with them.

Recruiting is a lifestyle built around relationships and shared experiences. Turns out, that most recruiters are “that guy/girl” handing out their business card to anyone who will take it and acting like they should be wearing a polyester leisure suit to go with their excessive finger guns.

Real Recruiters are living a life-long conversation with people. They believe the people in the conversations and relationships are not a commodity, connections or conquests. They are real people. Some hold influence and some do not. Though all are treated the same. These relationships do not fit into boxes or catchy phrases. They find, connect with, and foster these relationships over the years while also investing in training from other successful recruiters in continuing that relational education.

If you find yourself in the presence of “fake” or “lame”, have no fear. All you have to do is be nice. The next time you want to talk bad about someone behind their back to lift yourself up, just walk away. When you want that promotion and someone else got it ahead of you, congratulate them - you don’t know their story and what they did to get there. If they are disingenuine and trampled you to get there, simply forgive them. When someone is better than you or right in a conversation, let them know immediately. The biggest addiction for a fake recruiter is a resentment, and resentment always leads to regret.

Real recruiters recognize real because they live a life free of regret and full of adventure!




Photo By Brandon Turner