Stop Hiring, Start Dating – 5 Questions To Get You There. - LA Scalley, CEO, Talent MatchMaker

Over our brunch date, I listened to my girlfriends go back and forth over which is better- or eHarmony. The two hashed out the one with the best selection of eligible bachelors, while sharing a few entertaining stories about dates-gone-all-kinds-of-wrong.

As I listened to their colorful conversation, I couldn’t help but think how much hiring is like dating, and how the best recruiters are truly match-makers. As the conversation continued, I noticed both ladies agreed on one thing – they loved that and eHarmony had extensive questionnaires that made you think through what you wanted and challenged you to answer some tough questions about yourself. To them, the extra effort translated to better odds that “matches” would make great dates.

Imagine if we knew what to ask our partners that we married when we were 25 years old. We most likely wouldn’t be married to who we are today. It’s the big white elephant in the world that no one wants to face. Matchmaking is a tool that dives deep for something long-term by knowing what to ask. Duh.

In my experience, the same is true of a solid recruitment process. As tempting as it is to put a heart beat in an empty seat, there is an end game with much at stake. You don’t want to marry someone who is mediocre, so why would you settle for anything less with finding the right member for your team?

Matching talent is a process, and one that often requires digging through the rough to find your diamond. Let’s be real. How often are you actually impressed anymore in this world? I meet very few people who make me leave my meeting with a “wow” under my breath. To start, here are five solid questions to ask yourself before recruiting for that open position:

  1. What are three things that will absolutely wow me? (Keep the bar high here)

  2. What does “ideal” look like for this role? Write it down. Know exactly what you want.

  3. How much can (…or am I willing to) invest in this person’s development? Why will I invest?

  4. Is this person someone my team can actually learn from or have they surpassed this individual in both experience and professional growth?

  5. What do I want to see this person doing in three years within my company?

Bonus Question: What are the core values of my organization? Does this candidate fit our core values? If so, how. Give yourself examples. 

Much like setting up your profile for a dating site, the ones that require more effort will likely find you the smartest, fastest, and loyal fish in the sea.

Are you ready to stop hiring and start dating? Start your year off by taking your time to not just ask questions but to ask the right questions. Time is your biggest gift, use it so wisely.