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It seems everyone is talking about Culture these days. From articles on “Best places to work” to cafe conversations, culture is a hot topic with today’s job seekers.

But, what is culture, really?

Beer on tap? Dogs at work? Endless rounds of ping pong? That can all make for a great work environment, especially to the millennial tech crowd, but true culture goes much deeper than that.

Culture doesn’t just start at the top. It’s created with each person you bring into your company eco-system. It requires establishing ground rules for how you do business and relate to your biggest investment…..your people.

In it’s simplest form, culture is about treating your employees and co-workers as well as you would treat your best customer. It’s about paying top dollar for hard work and talent. A truly culture based organization compensates on a large scale; at least as much as your strongest competitor, but best case is to max out on what you can afford. Culture based companies continually raise the bar, and they raise it high. Going far beyond the standard two weeks paid vacation and a handful of sick days, strong culture companies are realizing that quality of life equates to big bottom line dollars. Simply put, happy employees make companies more money.

So what buys happiness when it comes to acquiring and keeping top talent?

Flexibility, mentor programs, personal growth,the ability to work remote, sabbaticals, paid paternity leave….. All great perks offered by some of the top “culture happy” companies in the world. But, the one thing every company with a strong culture has?  A definitive purpose. Companies that know where they are going and have a solid plan in place to get there. Companies that share their vision and execute swiftly. Companies that invest in their people and grow them to be better than they ever imagined. Companies that bring in the smartest people they can find and then make every effort to promote from within. Strong culture companies empower their people to bring forth ideas AND execute on those ideas. That execution of ideas is what sets apart true culture companies from those that are all talk and no action.

Culture is the relationship you build with your team. It’s the belief that you are all creating something together. It’s the way you’re entrusted with careers because everyone knows, with you, they’ll flourish. It’s an infectious energy your colleagues give one another to be greater than they were yesterday. That’s culture.

Perks will keep someone around for six months. Culture will invest them for six years and counting.

When highly committed companies are matched with top talent and both parties expect and deliver the best, that is culture. Commitment. Purpose. Execution. It really is as simple as that.  

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to build a solid, attractive culture, let’s talk.

Resources are awesome, so check out the book Tribal Leadership and watch your company culture soar!