What is Dig South and Why Should You Care?

It’s almost here, people! DIGSOUTH is happening April 26 – 28, and OneinaMil couldn’t be more excited!

If you’re not familiar with this epic tech event, founded and hosted right here in the Lowcountry, DIGSOUTH is the place where all the great minds from Silicon Harbor to Silicon Valley come to meet with the best and the brightest startups. You connect, you learn, you raise money, you launch ideas and (drum roll please…) you recruit. You might also drink a few too many martini's, don't say we didn't warn you. Charleston is known for warm weather, rooftop bars, and really fun folks you can't find anywhere else in the states. 

You will also hear words of wisdom from the movers and shakers with unicorns like Hubspot, Snapchat, and The New York Times…just to name a few. We’re drooling already. You also get some of the stars in the Charleston tech scene to show up, Launchpeer, Blackbaud, Qonceptual, The Harbor,  Charleston open source, just to name a few!

This year, the OneinaMil team is committed to spreading the good word on culture-driven recruiting. What it is, why it works, and how it will help you scale. OIAM consults with companies nationwide on why culture is so important, how it guarantees retention and how it can take your employer brand from a ghost of Christmas past to and Inc 500 winning organization. So, when our team all sat down over some wine and chocolate to dream up a theme, “find the right fit” came front and center.

Your startup is an intricate puzzle. Each team member brings a unique piece to the table. There are those with curves that are smooth and easy to place, others have sharp edges, a few are your key corners, and some will only fit in one place…or not at all.

Your unique dynamic is beautiful, but it needs to be defined and nurtured for you to draw and retain your talent successfully. Our goal is to start the discussion about what culture is to you and how you can use it as the launch-point for finding the right talent for your team. Our team is passionate about culture driven recruiting and we can't wait to share it with you. Let's get excited and change the workforce for good! Ask us about our mission, we sing it like a drunk canary. 

If you haven’t registered to attend yet, you should. Stop what you’re doing, and click here.

Come see the OneinaMil ladies at our fun lounge booth – we’ll even treat you to a nice coffee and sparkling, sassy conversation about all things culture, talent matchmaking, and personal branding. You can also see our very own Kendall Wyman who will be a featured speaker and panelist for the “Reeling in Talent” presentation.

It’s going to be a big event for us, and we cannot wait to share it with you! Why wait?! Tell us what  you think culture means to you and how you want to use it to build your team. Let’s start today!

-Your Friends @ OneinaMil