You Can’t Hire on Culture First, if you have no Core Values

Core Values … cliche or awe-inspiring? Maybe a little bit of both, but here at OIAM we live and breathe our core values, perhaps that’s because we took a lot of time creating them to match our missions in life and business! Urban Dictionary defines core values as: “a new version of the phrase mission statement. These are normally vague and cheesy goals/objectives that cannot be measured.” At OneinaMil, we agree that core values may not be 100% measurable but they certainly help to outline acceptable guidance and behavior through action. For example, using Urban Dictionary as a reference in a blog post aligns with our core values, many organizations may not agree with quoting urban dictionary, but we find it humorous and alluring. The great thing about core values, when you define them early on, is that you can always refer back to what was agreed upon behavior when people step out of line or what we like to call “humans being humans.”

Some reasoning behind having core values for your organization:

  1. Core values set corporate guidance for the organization. If you set up your core values it will define the behavior expected inside of your organization. Leaders will lead by example, and team members will then teach the new hires. This healthy cycle will continue and it will attract all the right talent.

  2. Core values will articulate what you stand for as an organization. Check out the core values at OIAM here!  You will notice one of our core values is to simply, “Don’t be an asshole.” At OIAM we won’t hire or work with assholes, bottom line. Why? Because we don’t have to. The world is made up of a ton of nice, smart, and inspiring people who add value to life and those are the people we long to work with every single day. We won’t waste any of our time on assholes, and you shouldn’t either.

Still not convinced? Check out this quick You Tube video from Tony Hsieh, CEO of a little company called Zappos. In this video he drives home the correlation between having strong core values and hiring candidates that align with your core values.  

Now that we’ve discussed why we believe core values are essential for any organization, let’s get to the fun stuff. Why can’t you hire anyone for your organization without having core values? Think about it, if you were about to join the dating pool and looking for someone you could potentially spend the rest of your life with, would you have a list non-starters and must-haves? You sure would, we all do! It’s the same idea when you are hiring someone you have to sit next to or work with 40-80 hours a week. If you have no core values to guide you, you have no map to help you to find the right culture fit. You don’t even know the right questions to ask to decide if this person will be the right culture fit. By outlining your core values and using them as your #1 measure to hire you can find out some of the following hidden human traits. Some of the soft skills you should be identifying are:

  • Is this person cutting-edge? Are they excited to innovate and learn new ways to do things?
  • Is this person open-minded or will they shut every door that swings their way because of insecurity?

  • Is this person fun or will they drag the team down? Will they add a contagious positive energy that all organizations need?

  • Will this person be a “yes” man or woman and only follow the crowd, or will they have a voice of their own to stand up for what they believe?

  • Will this person think outside the box, bring in new opportunities, find ways to do things cheaper, faster and better? Or will they be a 9-5er who will only do what is required of them?

  • Is this person someone that can handle constructive criticism or will they fly off the handle when given any feedback?

Bottom line, if you hire with no core values to measure up to, you are playing with fire. This practice will set you up for turnover, heartache, and overall frustration. If you need help creating core values to build your culture, reach out and we can help! Talent is the only thing that makes a company successful, so why not set yourself up for success and bring the right people on board starting today. Don’t waste any time, develop your core values and start hiring talent that aligns with your company values.

Cheers to Your New Core Values,

Your Friends at OneinaMil