Beyond The Code: Top 5 Non-Development Roles The Tech Industry Demands

“Software? Not for me. I don’t do development.” If I had a dime for every time I heard this I would have taken up residence in a Tahitian spa by now.

A common misconception about the software space, both internal and external, is that you have to code in order to be valuable. Pull up a chair and pay attention, because we’re going to nip this nonsensical notion in the butt with 5 non-development roles in high demand among the tech industry today!

Front Desk/Greeter

I can already feel your raised eyebrow, but hear me out. A “front desk” personality is often the first human impression prospective clients and partners will see to represent your organization. Whether in person, by phone or digitally, think of this position as the front line who sets the tone for the rest of an interaction with your business. This is the first person your interviewees will see when they come on-site.

Being a Greeter demands someone who is tech-savvy enough to keep up with your team, while also conveying a genuine, likable experience that will leave your clients feeling confident that they’re in good hands. Never underestimate the value of a first impression.

Customer Success Manager

Customer success management might be a new ‘buzz word” but is truly another critical role beyond the code. These positions demand fierce emotional intelligence and efficiency from resources who understand the intricacies of your clients’ needs. They are tireless advocates for your clients, and, here’s the important part, your clients believe it.



Your sales team may secure new business, but it’s up to your Customer Success Managers to maintain and grow it in what is often a marathon, not a sprint.

Product Manager

Not to be confused with technical product management. Stay with me. Both your product management and technical product management will be tasked with strategy, ideation, road mapping, new feature development and go-to-market plans.

The main difference – a Product Manager will come at these missions with more of a business and client-facing approach; whereas, your Technical Product Manager will bring more of an engineering and product function focus to the table. More so, your Product Manager should take on the herding of your non-technical teams (sales, marketing, customer success) so your Technical Product Manager can rally the development troops. You need both perspectives to be successful – think of it as the left and right brain working together.


Marketing Manager

The tech industry is like the modern day wild west – it’s fast, fiercely competitive and the rules are still being written. These characteristics make stellar marketing talent critical for company success. I’m not just talking about lead generation; although I fully appreciate filling the pipeline a big deal. I’m talking about Marketing Managers who can create a brand that is authentic, sticky and cuts through the noise.

These diamonds in the rough will not only fill the funnel, but will also leverage employer branding to position your company as THE cool kids club capable of attracting key tech resources from across the country, which gives me a nice segue into my final invaluable non-dev role…



Headhunting is out, talent cultivation is in. There is a revolution on the recruiting front, and it’s a good train to jump on. There is a selective batch of recruiters out there who are groomed to function as internal talent cultivation assets for your company. Instead of slinging keyword matches into seats, this cream of the crop builds your team from a solid foundation of complete culture and capability fits.

Beyond simply finding your unicorns, these recruiters will ensure your onboarding process is smooth as butter because they know that is the pivotal difference between finding and keeping your purple squirrels.

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