Why You Should Run Your Recruiting Team in True Agile/Scrum Fashion

We originally wrote this blog almost THREE years ago when OIAM hit the ground running. Wow, time flies when you’re finding great talent! We decided to unleash this gem again since our clients, colleagues, and candidates keep asking for it. Of course, since we are always learning and evolving, we’ve updated this post to reflect that!

At OIAM, we are lucky to be able to recruit talent from all over the world, spend our days teaching others how to recruit and show organizations how to build a culture that truly attracts the best talent. Through our years of recruiting and HR experience we have had some really good and really bad ideas, but trust us when we say, running your recruiting team like an agile/scrum development team will forever change your world.  

The Agile/Scrum Process:

If you don’t understand the Agile/Scrum process check this out to get up to speed. If you know anything about recruiting then you know that recruiting breeds chaos; it is done at neck-breaking speed, involves crazy scheduling, lots of breathtaking highs and some tear-jerking lows. You must be able to ride the highs and endure the lows while leaving your emotions at the door. We’ve created a way to simplify the noise, execute faster, hire better talent, think outside the box, create a unified team, and serve your clients and candidates to the best of your abilities.

Where to Start:

You should decide as a team, what works best for you. Is your team remote? How much space do you have? All of these answers will help you decide if it makes sense to build out a physical whiteboard, a virtual one or a combination for both. Both work well, find what fits your team best. Always remember nothing is set in stone, if something isn’t working, change it up?


Have your team members report on these six agenda items every day and do it together, as a team in what we call a “daily stand-up,” (If team members are remote just have them dial/Skype in, always have a dial in ready, be prepared). Dial-ins help for those on the go running from meeting to meeting and also for the workaholics out there who like to dial in on their days off :)

  1. What candidates did you submit yesterday and for what client’s/requisitions?

  2. What will be your focus today? What positions are you sourcing for?

  3. Do you have any candidates starting today?

  4. What offers do you have going out today?

  5. Are you working on any backlog stories today, if so which ones?

  6. What impediments are you facing today, if any?

These should become a daily ritual for several reasons. First, it holds everyone accountable, allowing team members to manage their time better knowing they will be responsible for x and reporting on x. Second, it allows transparency. This method allows everyone to be in the know and be held accountable without having to be in the office 24x7, opening up opportunity for your team members to work remotely if needed while business continues to operate seamlessly. As we all know, recruiting can get busy. Stop the busy, define production and hold your team accountable. This process eliminates the gray and allows you to figure out who has extra bandwith to jump on another role or who is swamped and needs to delegate.


You have to be sure to incorporate retrospectives, these are crucial to the prcoess. Our team completes a retrospective every quarter. This allows you to see what your team did well, what they did not do so well, and it allows for clarity so you can pivot and make changes for next quarter. Your team might need new resources, or maybe they are having a hard time with candidate follow-up due to limited bandwidth, all of these things you can uncover in a retrospective. You may have only a few of your team members working on backlogs. Spread the wealth, divide and conquer. Find the problem areas and fix them, reflection is key to moving forward, but only if you act on it.


If you need to visualize what we are talking about, check out Simple Scrum Software or Mural for those of you who love automation and have a good amount of remote employees. It’s a fantastic way to communicate and save time and also helps eliminate the feeling of “death by meetings.”

You need a Whiteboard:

Organization is key to any process, and this is no different. Invest in a whiteboard and set it up in a way that works for you and your team. Having a visual board helps us with accountability, organization and it also helps us easily celebrate the wins that are right in front of us. So get your board started today!

OIAM has been teaching recruiting teams of all sizes and in all industries how to implement this system. Are you ready? Is it time for your team to produce at optimal levels? Let us know if we can help get you started on a path that will have you hiring on culture first, matching more talent and creating lifelong team members.

Cheers & Shenanigans, 
Your Friends at OIAM