Great Work Can Be Done From Anywhere

As I write this post, I am sitting outside at a cute little coffee shop in downtown Charleston, I have my feet propped up, shades on and latte in hand. The funny thing about this is that I have an actual office where I can work, a space filled with co-workers, strong coffee, and high-speed internet, but today I wasn’t inspired by the concrete walls of our downtown office so I ventured out to find somewhere that would get my creative juices flowing. If you’re lucky, you will get the friendliest of beards to serve you coffee!

How awesome is it that as a society we have the freedom and flexibility for so many of our jobs to be done from anywhere? As long as I have my laptop, phone and fast internet I can do my job from anywhere.

Today, more than ever people crave freedom and flexibility in the workplace and every day more companies are getting on board and allowing their employees to work from anywhere. If you give your team the freedom to work from where they want to work, they will work that much harder to keep you happy. We are seeing it every day in the recruiting world, companies are getting on the work from anywhere train if you don’t believe us check out some of the top organizations that believe in working in P.J.’s across the nation.

Allowing remote work capabilities is a quick fix to a happy and engaged workforce, so it’s time to get on board. Start by taking baby steps, suggest to your boss that they implement a mandatory work from home day for each person on the team. This doesn’t mean everyone out of the office at once, you can rotate the days or have a set schedule, play around with it until you find something that works for your team. If the one day a week works well, start tracking some productivity metrics to show that working from home actually increases productivity for most people. Maybe that mandatory work from home day can turn into more flexibility down the road, perhaps it turns into working remote for one week a month, or one month a year, or even a full year, can you imagine the possibilities? Many companies are doing away with office spaces and time zones altogether and build their companies with a fully remote workforce. There’s even an organization called The Remote Year that joins together a group of professionals who have the ability to work remotely and travels the world with them for an entire year!

With a world that is so connected, there is no reason for those of us with the wanderlust bug not to embrace it. If you are stuck behind a desk forty plus hours a week and it’s killing you slowly, look for opportunities that will allow you to earn a paycheck while embracing your travel desires. Life is too short to die in a cubicle farm.

We challenge you to get your organization on the remote work train and to embrace the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere! Get up, get out, get working!

Cheers & Shenanigans,
Your Friends at OneinaMil