Millennials using Tinder to Recruit?


As many human resource professionals know, the recruitment world continues to grow alongside the booming tech scene. The team at OneinaMil has set lofty goals for 2018 to keep up with these positive growing pains in silicon harbor. The pains a 14-year-old boy rejoices because it means he may actually start to grow facial hair. As many companies across Charleston have found their niche within the software market, talent acquisition has turned into one of the smartest investments for employers as their demand outgrows their supply.

While simultaneously keeping company culture in mind, OneinaMil serves as a talent matchmaker but not exactly for your love life (although, we may know someone). Based on our own culture and foundation, we find individuals who wouldn’t come to you through automated online searches such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter. We keep the human connection within finding you the best and brightest candidates. These individuals will not only check off your job description requirements but will share your similar values, enjoy your workplace environment and remain loyal to your company mission.

As the talent acquisition market has thrived, so has the number of recruiters, creating higher competition for those looking for “purple unicorns”. The ability to get creative as a recruiter is a must have and shouldn’t be left off of your list when hiring a specialist. Outsourcing this task can help save your company time and money, as one bad hire can cost you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Social media marketing has become an impactful tool in recruitment and there has been an increase in online engagement for most modernized or tech facing companies. Similarly, millennials have supported a culture where you brand yourself on social media channels. These whippersnappers are even meeting people online from synonymous dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble. Although this culture doesn’t always promote genuine relationships, it is cost-effective (aka free) and connects you with singles in your area. Similar to many networking sites such as LinkedIn, these various dating sites allow you to connect with those you find “intriguing” or however you want to put it.

After recently making a move to Charleston, SC to work for OneinaMil, I dabbled in the Tinder app to try and find my soulmate. Ok, I’m just joking. However, I am on the app and I do find it helpful to network with people, even if they don’t end up being my forever and always. Recently, I had noticed the app allows individuals to list their workplace or career title on their profile, which sparked an idea as a technical recruiter. My creative nature took this as a sign that I should be using various outlets to align passion with opportunity. Not only could I gauge some of their soft-skills but I could market our roles as a young, single gal in Charleston.

Although Tinder is not by any means my main tool in connecting with developers or software engineers, I don't want to overlook its potential. It may be somewhat passive in that there is no boolean search to weed out or itemize software engineers, but hey, every now and then you strike gold. If you find someone who aligns with what you’re looking for in a candidate, meet for coffee with them and explain your intentions in building a professional connection. Brand yourself professionally on Tinder and use it against the dating culture to promote your own passion within your career. You may end up finding a friend, if nothing else.


As a recruiter, it’s easy to become selfish and narrow your network down to those you only need for a specific client or requisition. The easy way to recruit and make lots of money is to sling resumes but that’s not the right nor effective way. By removing passion and culture, not only are you cutting out the most important part out of hiring but you’re not understanding how building a trusting network can be a gift that never stops giving. By growing your network and making sure individuals know that you are there when they start to feel stagnant or unvalued, you are opening doors to infinite opportunity.

Always be willing to listen, empathize, understand and help. Even if you are unable to help in that present moment, you can leave a warm open door, where people will remember you and let you help them in the future. Don’t be afraid to take creative steps in recruiting outside of your 9-5 job. You can network and connect with anyone, no matter the occasion. I’ve even tried to do so in the sauna at my gym - no kidding. The human connection is so real, so underrated and so important in making placements that benefit both the client and candidate long-term. Lastly, stay human and remember that you have the power to make an endless impact on someone’s life! Make it a kind and happy one!



About the Author

Madison Loomis, Technical Recruitment Manager

Originally from Narragansett, Rhode Island, Madison began her career as a recruiter through a part-time role while finishing her undergrad degree within a non-profit healthcare organization. Upon graduation, she moved her talents down to Charleston, SC to find home-run candidates alongside a rock-star team with OneinaMil, LLC.