Taking On The BAG: Step 1, Decide You Are Worth It


We all have one. That big-ass-behemoth-of-a-goal we promise ourselves we’re taking on with gusto starting TODAY ...Ok, maybe this week... On it this month… Quarterly goals are good...

Fast forward and another year has come and gone without you making the headway you hoped for on your big-ass goal (BAG).

This is a judgement-free zone, fam. I’ll be the first to admit, I have my own BAG that I have repeatedly put on the backburner for YEARS. That’s right. Multiple trips around the sun sans traction (...more on this in a minute).

Let’s focus on starting – taking that first real step towards breaking ground on your BAG. Whether it’s finishing your degree, starting a business, or taking that trip to Thailand, I believe the journey towards your goal begins with deciding you are worthy. That’s right...we’re getting deep here...

Every time we find a reason not to start, we are choosing something or someone else over ourselves. Not to say these reasons aren’t legitimate – it’s not the right time, money needs to be spent elsewhere, or, my personal favorite, I’m just too busy. (Literally, ask anyone who knows me.)

Fair enough. But, understand, each side step is a choice that bumps you down the list of personal priorities. You know what? You deserve better. You are worth it!

In the interest of practicing what I preach, here’s my BAG that I have strategically, methodically and insistently put on hold for far too long – writing a book. Since the early days of my recruiting career, I have always believed in building a strong company culture and using that magic to attract the ideal talent for your team. Always!

However, an actual guide on the A to Z for making this happen doesn’t exist, so I felt called to create it. And the time to start is now! So, with a little help from my friends, I sat down to write my book.

Hold tight! This is just the tip of the iceberg. I am worth it!

What’s your BAG? Let’s hear it and keep each other accountable.