What are you doing about it?

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I get to spend my Mondays working in a laid back, fun, and bright co-working space on King Street in downtown Charleston! It really is a cool place, it reminds me of a scene from a lifestyle blogger’s Instagram feed. It has a great coffee and wine bar where they serve delicious frozen rosé that they affectionately call Frosé! Recently, I was at work on a Monday, it was President’s Day and apparently a lot of people have that Monday off, because it was busy and the Frose was flowing!! I was having a productive day getting emails sent, interviews coordinated, and strategizing with my boss. Before we go on, you should know, I have a habit of eavesdropping on pretty much all of the conversations happening around me. I can’t help it- I love people! I want to know how they react, their stories, their families, all of it! This particular Monday was perfect outside, so we spent some time with our laptops on the patio. I couldn’t help but hear a guy who was enjoying the day with his girlfriend (maybe fiance, I mean, I wasn’t going to look for a ring- I’m not that nosey) and her parents. He was going on and on about how he was so happy he was not at his “miserable job”. He was explaining how he would have been just getting out of a painfully boring staff meeting and would be heading into an equally boring appointment. I got the feeling he wasn’t just happy to be on vacation, but he really hated his job. It wasn’t just this guy either, his mother-in-law chimed in that she was already excited about a short work-week because that meant next weekend would come sooner. I also heard a young woman telling her mom that she would “have totally died if she had to go into work today”. If you find yourself in this boat keep reading. If you don’t relate, still read on and be prepared!

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I look at it this way- everyone deserves to be happy and find fulfillment! If you are not happy and fulfilled, there is a next step waiting for you. It is probably one of these three!

1 - Find a new job. Maybe your boss is awful, the company you work for is a dark cloud, and you really do have nothing to look forward to there. If that is the case, be proactive and look for a new job. Don’t be scared of the unknown, there are so many exciting companies and opportunities out there once you start to look! Don’t mutter another complaint unless you are going to do something about it!

2 - Is it you? Be gut-wrenching honest with yourself. This one might hurt a little bit. Are you the reason you do not enjoy what you are doing? Maybe you have gotten into a pattern of negativity that you don’t even realize started with you. Listen, I get it, I have been there. It starts with a slight “woe-is-me” feeling and next thing you know you feel like the whole company is out to get you. If that hit too close to home for you, pause right now and speak truth to yourself. Your company probably is not terrible and they probably don’t all hate you. Decide now to be grateful for your job and when you walk into work tomorrow, walk in with your head held high and a new perspective. You might surprise yourself!

3 - Initiate a shift. Yes, it is true that culture and success rise and fall on leadership, but that doesn’t mean you have no influence. Start by making sure you come into work with a “can-do” attitude (re-read #2). Then work on your own communication. Communication I believe is the lynch pin to a great culture. When you are communicating well there is no room for people to assume. This not only makes the operations of your business run smoother, it also cuts down on drama, rumors, and basic ill feelings. Don’t be scared to talk. By you focusing on communication, keeping a great outlook, and not engaging in negativity, you can begin a shift in company culture!

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These three options all start with you making a decision to not be miserable. So, I ask again- what are you doing about it?

At One in a Mil we believe that work shouldn’t suck and that you should look forward to Mondays just as much as you look forward to Fridays. Reach out to us today if you are ready to take the plunge! You can find us on social media or email us at knock.knock@oneinamil.com!




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Blaine West, Recruitment Operations Manager

She is originally from Atlanta, but has called the Charleston area home for the past 11 years. After graduating from The Citadel with a degree in business, Blaine went to work on the people side of the tech world and fell in love with it. She now works alongside the recruiters at One in a Mil trying to perfect the process and give an over-the-top experience to our candidates and clients!