It’s Time For Spring Cleaning – Not Just For Your Closet, But For Your Job Too


It’s officially Spring and there is a fresh breeze bringing in optimism and new beginnings with a plethora of pollen.

For many of us, this is the time of year when we shake off the winter fluff and clean house for a fresh start to the season. As you bust out the Swiffer and start filling up those Goodwill boxes, also take a minute to consider where you are professionally.

Does your career need a little clean up? All things need dusting now and then, so here are five questions to ask yourself about your current job that will help gage the honey-do list.

Am I growing professionally?

Take stock of the past six months – can you tee up three things you’ve learned? Three things you’ve accomplished? Is there opportunity on the horizon for a challenge or a step up in the months ahead? Do a gut check on whether you feel there is traction in your current role.

Am I valued?

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Do you feel your boss and colleagues respect you and what you bring to the table? When you have an idea, is it heard? Better yet, is it executed? Self-worth and perceived value are big deals when it comes to your professional mental health and motivation.


Am I getting paid what I’m worth?

We’re talking about that money, honey! Have you gone online (,, LinkedIn Salary, etc...) and done a cursory check on your market value for your role and location? If you’re under the mark, now may be a good time to put together a game plan on how to bump up your market value, whether it be asking for a raise or making a move.

Is my life balanced?

We’re going to dive a little deep here. Are you happy? Do you feel like you are working to live or living to work? We’re all for hard hustle, but self-care and living your best life should be priorities too. At the end of the day, if you’re feeling like your current job has no boundaries or isn’t leaving you better than it found is too short.


Whether it’s just dusting the cobwebs off your resume for good measure or gearing up for a career move, OneinaMil is in your corner. If asking yourself these questions gave you pause on your current job, let’s talk!