So, You Think Your Company Benefits are a Big Deal?


Tell us more. Are you ready to shake it up with more incentives around employee wellness and health that speak to your culture and stand out to prospective talent?

What do you bring to the table? This is the question every company has to pony up and answer when enticing new talent and working to keep existing team members on board.

Depending on your size, it may be challenging to outcompete the big dogs on salary alone, so we have some ideas on how to sweeten the deal, while also promoting a company culture that values health and wellness. Celebrate the wins all around!

Sweat It Out

Many of the independent gyms, CrossFit boxes and yoga studios in nationwide are open to company packages. Getting your team a deal on their favorite sweat-outlet is good for the wallet, heart and sanity. Added bonus, it provides a positive outlet outside of work for building rapport and camaraderie.

If you like a little health-conscious competition, challenge your employees to a step-off (whoever gets the most steps in that month earns a half-day on Friday), or take it up a notch with a Savage Race a Rugged Maniac or  GoRuck event. There are even corporate wellness programs - think fitness for the whole team - like the one offered by Rhapsody Crossfit.

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Help your team find inner peace with some onsite yoga. There are a handful of stellar instructors all over the globe, who will come to you and take your squad through everything from flow to Pilates. Nothing like some mindful meditation or savasana to start your day.  Over the last few years here at OIAM, we have had a killer yoga instructor come to us once a week to break up the day and allow for team building!

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You can take this initiative up a notch by gifting your team a Calm app subscription and designating a meditation room in your office for when anyone needs to take 10 for some quiet or meditation. Wooosahhh.  

Mental Health Days

Not in your compensation package? Fail. We are all human and the struggle remains to be real. Let's recognize that 90% of people who call in sick, actually need a mental health day. Let's make that okay?? Let's offer that to our team members so no one carries the "I called in sick guilt." Let's give our team members the freedom to say, "I need one day to focus on self-care and I am sorry that it is last minute, but I'm not calling in sick. I need a mental health day." 

Ease The Tension

Sitting for hours on end in front of a monitor is one of the worst things we do to our body. There are a plethora of apps for monitoring physical activity, helping you hydrate and just reminding you to move that you can gift your team to help them curb the computer hunch.

Beyond tech support, many massage therapists have tables and chairs they can bring onsite to give your team a 15-min massage which to help relieve some stress and tension that tends to settle in the shoulders. This will only increase your team member’s production but help balance them inside and out.

Take It Outside

Getting out from under fluorescent lights for some bona fide Vitamin D is good for the mind, body and soul. Take a page from the Amazon playbook and Invest some time and resources in creating a dreamy outdoor space where your team can take meetings, have lunch or get a breath of fresh air. A separate sphere may be a bit excessive but shoot your shot!

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Take this a step further (literally and figuratively) by pushing for walking meetings. These are awesome for getting the blood pumping, creative juices flowing and promoting overall wellness. You’ll also find they tend to make for more productive chats...

Don’t misunderstand us, a tried and true benefits package (401K, medical insurance, etc...) with a competitive salary will make for the most compelling offers and best talent retention to start with, but folding health and wellness into your company culture shows your team you care about them on a personal level and has a way of paying off in spades with healthier, happier employees.

If you want to talk more on how to create a culture that is unique and competitive for acquiring and retaining talent, let’s chat! Hit us up at today!

Rise Above the Competition,

Your Friends at OIAM!