Working From Home… Pajamas All Day?!

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With remote jobs on the rise all over America, this is a real thing we need to talk about. Trust us. We are in constant communication with talent from all over the nation, and majority has it, working remotely wins!

The temptation when working from home is to stay in your pajamas all day everyday. Fight against that temptation and you will be more productive and successful! Don’t get me wrong an occasional pajama day doesn’t hurt, but be careful not to make it a habit. Wearing the right outfit  can be a powerful thing.

If you are having an important call, it is a good idea to get out of your pajamas and “get ready”. Just the act of showering, doing your hair, putting on makeup, and real clothes, will make you feel more confident and put together. Have you ever been on the phone with someone and you find yourself smiling when you are trying to be warm and friendly, this is the exact same concept. Dress in a professional, stylish outfit that makes you comfortable that you feel confident in and it will show through your attitude and demeanor. Especially if you have a video conference, you need to look presentable and make sure your surroundings are tidy.

Just like getting up and getting ready can prepare you for a full day’s work, sometimes work calls for the opposite. Whatever line of business you are in, I am willing to bet that you have some tedious tasks that take more than a little pumping up to do. One of the nicest parts of working from home is that you can create whatever environment suits you on any particular day. For me, if I have to get heads down into a project, I am most comfortable in yoga pants, no makeup, messy bun on the very top of my head, pounding pumpkin spice coffee on my floor or on my couch! I would look pretty crazy in an office! In my own home though, that is the perfect outfit to get me through the day. It’s efficient and it makes me happy. No commuting, no traffic just solid production behind the screen.


Try to get out of the house to work at least once a week. This will help you not turn into a hermit! There are so many great local coffee shops around Charleston a couple of our favorites are Essentials Coffee in Moncks Corner and East Coast Coffee & Juice in North Charleston. There are some really fun co-working spaces around Charleston as well. The Skinny-Dip, located on King Street near Marion Square has an adorable work space upstairs complete with a coffee and wine bar and a back patio. The best part is that they just opened this once members-only space to the public. If you work remote in Charleston, you have to go and work from Skinny Dip for the day! Aside from the obvious benefits of getting out of the house, this is also a great opportunity to dress up. If you work from home, you probably aren’t wearing those dresses and pencil skirts everyday.

Have a healthy balance of put together and hot mess, no need to lean too far one way or the other when working from home. Get out there, don’t let working from home translate to stuck at home. And remember, if you feel comfortable and think you look good, you will have a better day! Give yourself that gift!