Peace out 2018. While it’s been fun, most of us our looking forward to strolling into 2019 and making this our best year yet. How are you setting yourself up for success this go around? This year, our team is spending the second week of January at a beach retreat to come together and align. We will look back at 2018 and celebrate the wins. We will look at what we could have done better and we will make sure we are all positively aligned in all the right ways to start anew. Intentionally setting yourself up for success is key and each year is a new opportunity to be better than you were the year before.

Where to start? As an entrepreneur, I like to focus on a few key elements. I have to ask myself, are our core values as an organization still true? Do they still work or could we do better? We use core values to hire really talented people.That said, do our own people still align with our core values? One of the most important pieces to focus on in this puzzle is your internal team members happiness levels. Are you checking in with them to see if their career path is still going in the direction they were hoping for. What is their happiness level on a scale of 1-10? Use this as a tool to create tangible action items to keep your people aligned.

We just published our first book this past year on culture driven recruiting. You can check out the book out here on Amazon! This short read is great for anyone looking to find meaning in their career, or anyone looking to build a place where people actually want to show up to work. This resource is super helpful in identifying how to become aligned as an organization. This book also has several exercises that you can do with your team to gear up for the best year yet!

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Life is too short to be misaligned in any direction. So, before you kick off this new year ask yourself a few questions:

What do I value?

Why do I value it?

What makes me feel alive in this world?

Are you in job that makes you excited to get out of  bed?

Are you in love with the mission of the company you are building?

Make this new year a year of severe intention, be deliberate about your decisions and align your core values so strongly there is no hesitation.

You Got This,

Your Friends @ OIAM