Eliminate The Talent War: Ludify Media Sits Down With LA Edwards For The Real Story Behind OIAM & Opportunities Ahead

If you took the time to watch this video, listen to my musing and learn a little more about OneinaMil's story - THANK YOU!

A little biased, but I think this clip captures an awesome, simple understanding of what we do and why we do it. OIAM is SO refreshingly different from your basic recruiting shop. In fact, there is no comparison because we are not after the same end goal. Our end goal is to create a journey for our OIAM team members that is like no other. We love to live our best lives here at OIAM! Our goal is to help people find the career of a lifetime and help our client’s find killer talent. Our mission is to teach organizations that it doesn’t have to be a “butts in seats operation” to make money. Do the right thing, and the money always follows. Treat your people great and the talent will keep flowing!


We operate this way because we’ve been in the game for a hot minute. Throughout my career, I’ve helped build shops from the ground up before they went public and worked with teams ranging from the small, scrappy and self-funded to the big dreamers with big backing all over the nation.

Regardless of how they start, the best of the best boil down to one thing - talent and culture. More so, how they find, nurture and develop their team, which are the greatest assets.

OIAM exists to work with amazing clients who understand rich cultures and treat their team members like family! Temp to hire = never. Those are cuss words in our world. 


Our team is all about those needles in the haystack who are invested in the journey not just a fast paycheck. Our squad welcomes a challenge. 


How do we do it? Through partnerships and talent matchmaking. No recruiting here, friends. 

Snaps and gratitude to our friends over at Ludify Marketing for helping us capture our story. They have been so great to us over the last couple of years cutting and editing tons of video footage for us with the patience of saints! 

Outsource all the things, they say! It’s true. If you are in the market for videography and digital marketing, give this team a call! You heard.

Want to learn more about OIAM and how we eliminate the talent war with culture-driven recruiting? Let’s chat!