The OIAM Toolbox - Sexy Tech Solutions That Help Us Slay All Day


One thing the team and I love at OIAM is technology. Actually, obsession is a better word.

We are obsessed with technology. It is one of the main ingredients to our secret sauce. Why? Many reasons, I’ll narrow it down to the top two: one, tech makes us super efficient and, two, it makes life easier as we work from the beach, mountains or air. No cubes for us folks - we will remain free and on the road!

Hoarding good info doesn’t make sense, right? So, I am spreading the good word on our industry partners who are mission critical to getting us where we are today! 


First and foremost, OIAM has a real love affair with Workable. I am not sure what we would do without this stunning applicant-tracking system (ATS)! We have been using Workable since it’s hay days in Beta and this powerful solution has only gotten better each year.

From Gmail integration to aggregating all social media channels, this platform is a one-stop shop for us. Workable helps OIAM keep up with all of our open positions and candidates across the globe. We love the “People Search” function and use it often to find stellar candidates from sea to shining sea.

Our team is always on the go, so the Workable mobile app is nothing short of a lifesaver capable of keeping pace with our hustle. 

Check out our first book launch at Workable, here!


Spoiler alert, we only partner with partners who integrate with Workable. That said, meet our friends over at Sentio!

This powerhouse platform helps us use artificial intelligence as another layer of talent matchmaking. OIAM likes to give our clients multiple layers of data and Sentio provides one of those crucial layers.

We start with the personal touch and relationship building required in culture-driven recruiting, but are also data-driven and are big on the black and white perspective data can provide.

Sentio helps us reduce turnover, stay competitive and hire faster using robust analytics. Right now, this platform even offers a free version if you want to check them out.

Think of your recruiting services as a full package and offer as many perspectives to your clients as possible to get the best outcome. Relying on only one way of screening just doesn’t cut it anymore with all the technology at our fingertips.


The last tool to share from our OIAM tech toolbox is Spark Hire! We hunt and hire all over the world, but can get a little cranky without our beauty rest. Spark Hire allows us to do video interviews around the clock. When we wake up, we find new video interviews in our inbox from talent across the globe making the interview process awesomely accessible and timely for both our team and prospective hires.

Genius right? Spark Hire allows us to be even more flexible and efficient with our time and expand OIAM’s reach. Boom! 

We love what we do, but, man, do we love doing it right. Surround yourself with the technology that makes your life easier and gives you back more hours in the day.

If you have any questions on these tools, shoot us an email at and one of us will happily get you set up for the same success! We love to knowledge share so if you are using something you think we should know about, hit us up!

Happy Smart Recruiting!