Eliminate The Talent War: Ludify Media Sits Down With LA Edwards For The Real Story Behind OIAM & Opportunities Ahead

A little biased, but I think this clip gives an awesome, simple understanding of what we do and our why. OIAM is SO delightfully different from your basic recruiting shop. In fact, there is no comparison because we are not after the same end goal. 


Peace out 2018. While it’s been fun, most of us our looking forward to strolling into 2019 and making this our best year yet. How are you setting yourself up for success this go around? This year, our team is spending the second week of January at a beach retreat to come together and align. We will look back at 2018 and celebrate the wins. We will look at what we could have done better and we will make sure we are all positively aligned in all the right ways to start anew. Intentionally setting yourself up for success is key and each year is a new opportunity to be better than you were the year before.

Why is cultural fit important in recruiting? It’s about valuing people

magine if you hired someone because you thought they’d be a great cultural fit for your company’s overall values and vision, and not just because of their MBA from Harvard or doctorate degree from Oxford. This is the approach taken by OneInAMil, a recruitment agency that focuses on what its founder, Lee-Anne Edwards, terms “culture-driven recruitment.”