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Eliminate The Talent War: Ludify Media Sits Down With LA Edwards For The Real Story Behind OIAM & Opportunities Ahead

A little biased, but I think this clip gives an awesome, simple understanding of what we do and our why. OIAM is SO delightfully different from your basic recruiting shop. In fact, there is no comparison because we are not after the same end goal. 

Four Tips to Master The Phone Screen

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When you start a job search you need to know what you are getting yourself into and what to expect along the way. One of the very first steps in the interview process is the dreaded phone screen and we want to help you master this part of the process. The purpose of this phone call is to start the culture assessment process and to cover some practicalities (salary, location, skills/experience, etc). This is your time to shine, your moment in the spotlight, your big opening act. First impressions are HUGE when you are looking for a job and this call can be the start of a beautiful relationship with your recruiter, so don’t screw this up.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you maximize this initial interaction with a recruiter.

Do your homework
Before our call, I’ll do some research on you by reviewing your resume and looking at your LinkedIn profile to assess your skills and experience. I’ll also try to get a feel for what type of corporate culture you have gravitated towards. We are a culture driven recruiting firm, so that is particularly key for us. We highly suggest that you do a little snooping on your recruiter too, we like to call this phase “cyber stalking.” Take a look at our website, be sure to review the job posting that you applied for and also check out all of the current openings that the recruiter has. This is particularly important in case you are interested (and qualified) for multiple openings. Don't stop your “cyber stalking” there, check out the recruiters’ social media footprint (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) to see what roles they’re highlighting and what events they have coming up in the community. Extra points get awarded to applicants for liking us and following us on social media too! Start thinking of questions for me about anything you see, this first call is so much more productive when both parties have some idea of each other and are actively engaged.

Ditch the ringback tone and be ready for our call
Ring, ring, buzz, buzz … that’s the recruiter calling you at our scheduled time, are you in a quiet place where you can focus on our conversation? I sure hope so, if not, try to hustle and get to one, we don’t want to waste any time. It’s also important to note that life happens, so if something comes up, we get it, we are human too, just let us know and we can reschedule. One more piece of advice ... ring back tones are not a thing anymore so if you still have one, ditch it fast, recruiters don’t want to listen to Mozart or Sir Mix A Lot while we wait for you  to answer. The bottom line is be ready for this call and give us your undivided attention.

Don’t be shy, have an elevator pitch
Be prepared for me to ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for. This is your time to market yourself, so give me your elevator pitch! I want to hear about the great work you have been doing and what you are looking for out of your next professional opportunity. Highlight your achievements, what you love doing and what you want to do in your next opportunity, but PLEASE remember, this is a musical not a symphony, try to keep it to 5 minutes or less! I have your resume in front of me so you don’t have to dive too deep. I like to call this one the 50,000 foot overview of your career, keep it short, but keep me engaged. The goal of this call is to figure out what you have done and how the recruiter can help you on our career journey.

Be ready to answers these questions
Here are a few of the questions you should be prepared for, take note and be prepared to answer them.

  • What type of corporate culture makes your heart sing? Startup junkie or corporate warrior?

  • Are you open to relocation?

  • Can you give me an idea of what salary you are looking for?

  • Why are open to a new professional opportunity at this time?

  • Describe your dream job- what do you want to do?

  • If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be?

Now you are armed with a little bit of ammunition for your phone interviews, good luck in your search! Also, if you are interested in any of the positions we have open at OneinaMil, feel free to email our recruiting team at knock.knock@oneinamil.com and to learn more about our culture driven approach to recruiting and what makes us truly “OneinaMil,” check out our website www.oneinamil.com!


For the Love of LinkedIn- SMILE!



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that definitely applies to what your LinkedIn profile picture says about you.

LinkedIn is still the premier social media platform for connecting with your peers and finding prospective talent. It is also the platform that allows you to swim in the “passive candidate” lane. Recruiting is changing everyday and it’s becoming more of a social game now than it ever was in the past. If you still don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to get on the bandwagon! On LinkedIn it’s best to present your professional self, show recruiters and hiring managers what you can offer their company and why you could be their next great hire. The first impression you make on LinkedIn is through your profile picture, so don’t screw this up.

As talent matchmakers, we use LinkedIn every single day and we see many different types of profile pictures that strike us, for better or for worse, they make an impression on us. We’ve decided to share with you some of the things we find everyday in hopes that you will be inspired to update your profile pic (and we can help with that too if you’re going to DIG South - keep reading).

Let’s start with the ugly. There are five types of photos you should NEVER (Did you hear us?We said never!) use on LinkedIn:

  • All in the family – Your kids and furbabies are darling, but LinkedIn is no place to show off the clan. Your profile picture should just be of you and your wonderful self.

  • Head games – You are a whole person, so aggressively cropping yourself into a floating head is mildly terrifying. Conversely, you don’t need a full-figured shot…especially one without your shirt (I wouldn’t bring it up if it didn’t happen). Find the happy medium of waist up or shoulder up. And keep your clothes on!

  • Sorry selfie – A mature professional must do better than a mirror-selfie. No selfies, bottom line. Can we just not?

  • Glamour Shots Circa 1992 – Clarendon, Mayfair and X-Pro II filters have their place, and it’s on Instagram. If you want to do a classy black and white shot, that’s potentially glamorous, but do avoid the overly dramatic, colorful filter action. It’s just too much.

  • Hiding in plain sight – Quality is key, my friends. If your photo is blurry or grainy, I’d recommend a re-take. Also, editing out your red-eyes is a good idea too. You’re going for a warm connection, not trying to posses someone.

Generally speaking, we like a straightforward, or semi angled, shoulder-up smile on LinkedIn. We also find that neutral backgrounds work the best if you’re going for a professional headshot. Depending on your industry, you can afford to be more casual, but ultimately a high-resolution, clean shot of your beautiful face is a safe bet.

I understand not everyone has access to a professional photographer, so put down the selfie-stick and come visit our fabulous team from  OneinaMil at the DIGSOUTH Talent Lounge (Booth #5). We will be doing FREE professional headshots to help you put your best self forward on LinkedIn. We will make sure you have the perfect shot to electronically take with you. If you want to stick around, we will also being doing some fun, photo booth esque shots (props and all), but those of course are just for fun and not for use as your LinkedIn profile pic!

We look forward to seeing you and your smiling face soon! If you have any questions about how to optimize your LinkedIn presence, reach out to our personal branding guru, Mary Beth, and she’ll point you in the right direction. She will also be on-site at our booth ready to answer all of your questions about building your personal brand. She is an expert at helping you be the best version of yourself and can guide you into the best ways to take your career into your own hands.

See you at Dig South!