Lee-Anne Edwards   Founder

Lee-Anne Edwards



"LA" is a Talent Matchmaker who owns the C-level and technical talent acquisition market. She is fiercely driven, with a passion for sourcing only the very best talent. Her winning strategy is hiring on culture first, aptitude second, and resume third. She is a thought leader with a background specializing in crafting software development teams from the ground up. She is originally from Boston and loves a nice, cold Sam Adams. She is passionate about running, dangerous skiing and loves hockey. If you can't find her on the boat you will find her helping to grow the tech scene in Charleston and across the globe. 


Blaine West   Director of Operations

Blaine West

Director of Operations

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Alexia Gonzalez

Talent Matchmaker

Katy Martin   Talent Matchmaker

Katy Martin

Talent Matchmaker

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Grayson Goldin

Business Development Representative


Blaine is our Director of Operations, who is completely committed to making the talent acquisition process an enjoyable as well as positive one for both candidates and clients. Shortly after graduating from The Citadel with a business degree, she started technical recruiting with a local start-up in Charleston. She spent a few years working at a church and having a couple of really cute kids, but is ecstatic about being back in the tech scene! Originally from Atlanta, she loves to play volleyball, horseback ride, and spend time with her family. When she isn't enjoying the outdoors, you can find her managing our social media channels! 



Alexia graduated from Florida State University with a dual degree in Information Technology and Communications. As a prior student-athlete, Alexia’s work ethic and discipline has granted her success early on in her recruiting career. Throughout her time as a recruiter, Alexia has found she cherishes the rewarding feeling of helping others. As a Florida native, Alexia loves lifting heavy weights, the beach, and her Granny’s authentic Cuban food. When she isn’t in a CrossFit box, you can find her searching for the best talent throughout the nation!



Katy was born and raised in Virginia Beach. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University and comes from a marketing & business background. She spent 10 years running a multi-million dollar business. As an experienced recruiter, she has helped brands like Taylor Maid launch and hire in 5 different states! Katy has four amazing kids and loves to cook! When Katy is not cooking a fabulous meal in the kitchen, she is most likely supporting her girls at the cheer gym or enjoying time on the beach with her husband! There is no task too big or small for Katy to handle, she can’t wait to find perfect candidates for our clients!



Grayson is a graduate from the University of South Florida with a degree in Economics. As a former student / professional athlete, Grayson has an extremely driven personality that allowed him to excel in the athletics and now in business. He enjoys building relationships with others and helping them create mutual growth. Grayson enjoys playing tennis, fishing, and spending a day on the golf course. If he’s not in the gym, you can find him out networking around the country!



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