We exist to teach the world how to build culture driven organizations

The mission of OIAM has always been the same. It is our passion to help change the way the workforce operates and teach others how to build working environments that top talent will thrive in. We work with companies across the globe to spread our passion and vision for a culture driven workforce.

Why We Do What We Do

We've been lucky enough to work at culture driven organizations and we've also worked places where the culture felt like the goo on the bottom of your shoe. We feel it is our duty to teach others how to build amazing companies and top notch teams, while creating a place where people are begging to "work" for you. It's time for passion and careers to collide, we strive to help create a world where future generations never have to work a day in their life. We spend our days teaching the world how to hire on culture first, empower their team members and live in a world of shared success.

What is a Culture Driven Organization?

Simply put, it’s a place where people are inspired to get out of bed and skip into work on Monday mornings ready to make their mark on the world!  It’s a place where team members feel empowered, trusted, informed and highly committed. It’s a place where people can grow, innovate and be challenged everyday. A culture driven organization makes people care about the work they produce. Whether they’re creating the next Facebook or flipping burgers, it doesn’t matter what the product is because your team is so excited to work for your company that they take pride in everything they do. It's a magic in the air that you can feel and an energy that is contagious. Once you experience this work environment you will crave it and never accept anything less.

What is Culture Driven Recruiting?

It’s finding the perfect match for clients and candidates. It involves identifying what that person looks like for our client far beyond what you can read on a job description, and diving deep with our candidates to identify what makes them shine beyond what we see on their resume. Culture driven recruiting is evaluating the work environment to fully understand the atmosphere before you even begin recruiting. It’s hiring on soft skills, not just resume bullet points, asking the hard questions that reveal their core values and who they really are. It’s putting the human connection back into the talent acquisition puzzle, it’s not slinging resumes. This equation will ultimately increase your retention rate and allow you to hire long-term team members that are not only invested but engaged.