We exist to find the best talent out there.

The mission of OIAM has always been the same - to find that one in a million fit for both exceptional employers and incredible candidates. Throwing the rule book out the window, we believe in changing how the workforce operates and teaching organizations how to cultivate environments that attract and curate prime talent.

When it comes to people, we put relationships first, and we’re talking those deep, authentic and genuine relationships that keep our clients in the family for years. Our philosophy is to leave people high after each and every interaction with us.

OneinaMil works with companies around the world of all shapes and sizes on developing rich cultures because, simply put, when you put culture first you eliminate the competition.



When it comes to our core values we are straight shooters. These guiding lights are at the heart of any and everything we do. Sound like something you can get behind?

OAIM Values (1).png


What it is, why it matters

Culture driven recruiting is evaluating the work environment to fully understand the atmosphere before you even begin recruiting.

It’s about hiring on soft skills, asking the hard questions that reveal core values and, ultimately, diving deep into what someone is all about. It’s putting the human connection back into the talent acquisition puzzle because, at the end of the day, we’re all humans trying to accomplish something awesome together.

This equation will ultimately increase your retention rate and allow you to hire long-term team members that are invested, engaged and energized. Hire right the first time and hang on to your most valuable assets - your team.

OneinaMil - Do Something Great