At OIAM, we go our own way when it comes to recruiting. Our team is all about finding that diamond in the rough. That unicorn. That one in a million.

And we have a knack for knocking it out of the park for our clients. Why? Because we foster relationships, build partnerships and insist on leaving everyone we interact with better than we found them.

Beyond slinging resumes and filling open seats with the first warm body, we take time to match our talent with the perfect organization based on personality, needs and, above all, culture. We simply won’t stop until we hit the “wow factor.”

Working with companies of all shapes and sizes, we source the best of the best locally, nationally and even internationally. True story. Our dedicated, dynamic team of recruiters have exposure and experience in a vast array of industries and can help you fill any and all open positions.

Glad to find the right fit for any role, our squad specializes in the following areas:

  • C-level executives

  • Hardware/Systems Administration

  • Human Resources Professionals & Recruiters

  • Software Development



Feel like your in-house recruiting team needs a little umph? It takes a village and we’re happy to help coach your team on how to build an agile recruiting model and find those purple squirrels fast. More than recruiting, our coaching program includes tactics and best practices for retaining talent.

Peak your interest? Let’s get to work.